About Ayurveda


Ayurveda whose main principle is to enhance the health and that disease or illness is caused when there is imbalance in the energy forces of the body. The three energy forces are described as doshas which is Vata (air and space ) , Pitta ( fire and water ) and Kapha ( water and earth). Each of the doshas has its own characteristics and purpose. Balance of doshas in the body enhances health and the imbalance of Doshas in the body causes roga or disease.


Ayurveda analyzes the human body by the combination of body ,mind and Soul. This can be done by Prakriti Analysis( Body type Analysis).According to Ayurveda ,Prakriti or body type is determined at the time of conception.Depending upon the predominant Doshas or energy forces certain body type persons are susceptable to certain types of diseases. Hence Body Type Analysis place an important role for Diagnosis in Ayurveda. We will do a complete Body type analysis during your first Consultation with us.



How Ayurvedic Pharmacology is different from other systems of medicine?


The principles of Ayurvedic pharmacology are fundamentally different from those of the other systems of medicine, especially Allopathy.

Most of the Ayurvedic Medicines are prepared from Herbs. Leaves and Flowers are squeezed to obtain their juice. Roots and seeds are crushed and boiled in water to get their essence. To make a medicinal decoction, the extracts of plants are boiled with other vital ingredients.

Ayurvedic medicines are invariably prepared under the supervision of an expert physician using classical herbal prescriptions. Ayurveda , as the art of healing and science of living,aims at removing the underlying causes of disease and restoring the equilibrium of the bioenergies ,Vata, Pitta and Kapha.