Arthritis and Ayurvedic Treatments


Arthritis is a very common condition affecting mostly the musculoskeletal system of the body. There are many types of Arthritis, the most common being Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Gout. Eventhough arthritis is not completely curable, it can be well managed with Diet, Lifestyle Changes, Ayurvedic medicines and Therapies


The most common symptoms of Arthritis are:


What are the causes of Arthritis?


Arthritis is a condition which affects mostly the musculoskeletal system especially the joints of the body. It is caused due to the breakdown of the cartilage. Cartilage is a covering at the end of the bones which act like a shock absorber and a cushion to avoid friction between the joints. The joint is wrapped in between the tough capsule filled with fluid called Synovial fluid. It can be caused by old age, injury to the joint, excessive use of the joints, malnutrition etc.

According to Ayurveda Arthritis is caused due to Ama(Undigested food or toxins), Decreased digestive fire and aggrevated Vata.The Undigested food or toxins get accumulated in variuos parts of our body & deposits at the weaker areas of the body.If accumulated in the joints along with aggravation of Vata, it shows symptoms of Arthritis


Most common types of Arthritis and its Ayurvedic Management



also known as sandhivata in Ayurveda, there is degeneration of the cartilage and sometimes even there is breakdown of the cartilage into the synovial fluid. It is seen mainly in elderly people. According to Ayurveda when there is vitiation of vata ( vata is responsible for the movement in normal condition) it effects the joints and causes pain, stiffness and muscle weakness.The treatment for Sandhivata in Ayurveda includes Antivata drugs internally and external treatments like Oil Therapy, Janu basti, pichu, vestanam etc to strengthen the joints and reduce the pain and stiffness has been proven to be very effective.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

is an autoimmune disease and is known as Amavata in Ayurveda. Amavata comprise of two words Ama and Vata . Ama means the undigested toxin material in the body. When one is not able to digest food properly or if the digestive fire is very weak it forms into an undigested toxic material and circulates throughout the body and gets accumulated in the joints along with Vata which causes symptoms like Pain, inflammation, stiffness, fever, loss of movements of the joints.The treatment for Amavata includes Digestive drugs, Ama pachana(means to help in digestion of the undigested matter) and Anti vata drugs , Anti inflammatory drugs internally and ayurveda therapy like Hot poultice, Lepana, panchakarma therapy etc externally.



is known as Vatarakta in Ayurveda. Gout is caused due to accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints. It usually effects the big toe but it can effect the other joints like ankle, knee, elbow etc. The pain experienced during a gout attack is compared to the pain of scorpion bite and is of sudden onset. According to Ayurveda in gout, there is vitiation of both Vata and Rakta(blood) . Treatment for gout includes Antipitta drugs , Anti inflammatory , analgesic and which does not increase Vata at the same time. Mild diuretics help to increase the flushing out of uric acid from the blood stream.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis


The first line of treatment in Arthritis involves the digestion of Ama(undigested toxins) and to increase digestive fire so that no further Ama is formed.Antivatahara medicines are given to reduce aggravated Vata.

In Vata predominant Arthritis the joints are dry and weak without any signs of Inflammation.On examination the crepitations or the cracking sounds of the joints are heard. Panchakarma Treatments like Oil massage, Janu Basti, Njavara Khizi(Medicated Rice bag) are useful at this stage.


In Pitta Predominant Arthritis, Joints show the signs of inflammation. On examination the joints are red , hot, swollen and pain even without movement. The treatments like Lepanam(medicated paste application), Choorna pinda sweda are useful at this stage.


In Kapha predominant Arthritis, joints are stiff and swollen.They are cold on touch and pain increases on rest.The treatments like Pinda sweda, Patra pinda sweda, Ruksha lepana will be helpful in this situations.


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