What is Tennis Elbow


Tennis Elbow is a very painful condition that is caused due to the injury to the tendons and muscles that help in extending the wrist and fingers.Its caused due to the degenerative changes in the muscle tissues located at the lateral epicondyle.


The maximum pain is in the lateral epicondyle, a bony bump on the outside of the elbow where muscles attach.


The three stages of tennis elbow are





Causes of Tennis Elbow



Treatment for tennis Elbow



Ayurvedic Approach for tennis Elbow


Internally herbal medicines are given which help in degeneration, antiinflammatory condition.

Oil massage , hot poultice is done depending on the stage of the condition.

Applying Herbal paste to reduce inflammation.

Picchu(cotton soaked with oil) using suitable medicated oils to strenghten the tendons and muscle tissues.


By following the treatments based on individual requirements one can reduce the pain and heal the muscle tissues faster .


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