Todd, Lilyfield

Dr Anisha at NaturoAyur is the most knowledgeable, gentle and caring practitioner I have ever met.She has helped my family more than she could ever know. Her knowledge is amazing.I have known a lot of practitioners in my time and none can even compare to her. I highly recommend her. Her treatments are incredible. Her bedside manner is beautiful.Her recommendations and medicines actually worked where no other treatments from other modalities had ever helped.She is incredible with children too.

Thanks for all your help Dr Anisha. I'll be forever grateful.

K.G.S Singan

Thank you, Dr.Anisha Recently, living in Sydney, I suffered a sudden and acute attack of the joint swellings of elbow, wrist, knee and ankles with intense pain and rashes. After initial consultations with the Allopathic family doctor, and his referrals to series of investigations and specialists, (which I saved) I understood I should find Ayurvedic Treatment in Sydney or I should rush back to India. Since my childhood my family was very familiar with the Ayurvedic System of Treatment and Medicines by the famous Vaidyans (Ayurvedic Doctors) of Kerala, a south Indian state. There is no other system of medicine which removes the disease from the system instead of alleviating/suppressing the symptoms of the disease with prescribed medicines continuing for life. Ayurvedic System is based mostly on organic oils, herbals roots and seeds, dairy derivatives, oil massages and hot and cold baths. It rarely uses animals or animal products or synthetic chemicals thus making it compatible with the human cell structure at the molecular level without side effects. I knew that it is the best for any disease relating to Orthopaedic, Neuro and muscular systems like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint swellings, stiffness and pain. Fortunately I found Dr.Anisha, a university qualified Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerala, practicing with due Health care approvals at Naturoayur clinics in Sydney.  She treated me with confidence and reassurance. Incredibly, I am now cured completely. and 90% of my original self within 30 days. My pain, swellings and rashes have disappeared and I am almost normal except for the general weakness that follows while recovering from such a major illness. I am now on the follow up medicines to strengthen the immunity of my body. The total cost of treatment and the time taken have been a small fraction of otherwise a prolonged and expensive investigations, consultations and treatment in other systems. It is quite affordable for even people of modest means. Dr.Anisha is just excellent in her cool, confident, knowledgeable approach with simplicity and understanding. I gladly recommend her to any one with chronic or acute systemic diseases including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stiffness, pain swellings in the joints with rashes and stress.  I honestly believe that this unassuming young Dr.Anisha B.A.M.S. is a a great asset to Australians who want to have the Ayurvedic treatment without the necessity of going to India.

Beaulah Solomon

I would like to share my experience about the therapy that I underwent by Dr.Anisha. She's Very approachable, I had undergone a spinal surgery and went to her for consultation after a friend recommended and i agree & I recommend too. Therapy chosen was good, she is very flexible, Professional & also very friendly, my pain reduced to a large extent & also was given naturopath tablets...which helped a lot. Thank you for your time!


The Panchakarma treatment was very beneficial for me.Just after the first session i started seeing the benefits.My body felt very light and i felt very active throughout the day.

My appetite changed and body became more flexible.I was having cold frequently that seems to have gone and haven't had a serious bout till now.I also want my wife to take up this treatment.

Ravi, Granville

Dear Dr Anisha We are very thankful to you for treating my son with your ayurvedic treatment. You were very professional with your extensive knowledge of the condition and the treatment it needed. You also encouraged our son to develop positive thinking and to keep working towards recovery with exercises as well. We are seeing good result in him as a result of your ayurvedic treatment. I would recommend you to our friends and colleagues without hesitation.

Mary, Hurstville

I am very greatful to Dr Anisha on treating my child for Asthma. With your medicines, recommended diet & lifestyle changes my child was able to reduce high doses of inhalers and steroids within a months time. It also helped him to feel better and became more active in his daily activities.